Got Perspective?

How does one gain perspective? Is it thru life experience? Why is it so hard to say, “look who my child is today is not who my child will be in a year, in six months, in one month.” When I look at my children is see two beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, curious, healthy creatures full of possibilities. Why is it so hard for other adults to see this when they look at my children? Why can’t someone see that my daughter’s heart overwhelms her and that her shyness, while binding to her is some ways, is also a means of self-protection? I realize that my children are not perfect, but…..but….but they are so great. Why does it hurt me so much that other people don’t look at my children and see possibilities, but only limitations? Why does this hurt so much? My sad realization is not that my kids aren’t perfect, it’s the opinions of few who fail to recognize what gift my children are to this world. What really gets me is that these few limiting opinions may have an effect on my child’s personal opinion of themselves. In the grand scheme of things how important is one second grade teacher’s opinion? Will it really matter when my daughter graduates the top of her class at Yale Law School? No, but I will always remember the shortsightedness of these so-called educated professionals.